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Workplace Safety And Health Security Policy

BHM ENGG SERVICES PTE LTD specializes in corrosion protection services which include surface preparation and application of coatings/linings. We have always regarded our workplace safety and health & security as one of our top priorities in our business.


We have a firm belief that all injuries can be prevented, and we are always committed to striving toward our belief in ensuring a safe workplace.


In accomplishing our target commitment, we have trained a dedicated risk management team to undertake hazard identification and risk assessment is being carried out for all our works before we commence any work activities so that all risks could be managed and reduced with reasonably practicable control measures in place.


All our employees, sales team, and sub-cons who are affected by our works are well communicated on the existing risk control measures in place, including those posed by terrorism and their full compliance is needed.


We have instilled in all our employees to report any unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, incidents, or near-missed situations and terror threats to their superiors immediately.


We are also committed to complying with the WSH Act, its subsidiary legislation and other WSH requirements.


As a team, we will strive and work towards our goal of achieving this policy!